KCRW Broadcast 759

Fanatic! Hello from Chicago. Tonight I jump out of my tour and onto someone else’s. David Sedaris asked me to open his show here and of course I said yes. I’m going onstage for 40 minutes and then he’ll do the same. I have no idea what his audience is like and there’s a good chance I’ll bomb but I’ll give it my best. 

This is the tour I’m on:


TV Smith has one more night on his US swing.

Fanatic, tonight is a very special show. It’s Lux Interior’s birthday and we’re going to listen to not only a lot of Cramps music but also music that inspired the Cramps.

The first hour is dominated by the original mixes for the band’s first album Songs The Lord Taught Us. As a fan, I much prefer these mixes to the ones we got on the store bought LP. I hope you’ll like them.

Selfishly, my favorite part of the show is in our second hour. I found audio of the first time I ever saw the Cramps. It’s as great as I remember. 

I’m so glad Lux’s birthday landed on a Saturday so we could do this. 

I’ve seen a lot of great bands but getting to go to Cramps shows, I’ve never recovered. I wouldn’t trade those nights for anything. 

We hope you dig the show. 

Enjoy October and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry