KCRW Broadcast 708

Fanatic! I’ve been off the road for about a week now. I’d rather be out with a show waiting for me every night. The upside is I have access to my records and I’m trying to take advantage of that but I’d rather be on the bus with the pressure of a show. 

So into this record! New Hammered Hulls LP on Dischord, coming out at the end of the month. 

Here’s info on the great new Casual Dots album. We’ve got a track lined up for tonight. 

The Fettkakao label out of Austria makes great records. The Plaided LP is really good. 

Also, the label has a cool, limited 7” totally worth checking out. New music from Cotton Candy!

My new book, Stay Fanatic!!! Vol. 3 is now available for mail order. All copies are signed. My other new book, Sic, is at the printer and soon as it’s ready, I’ll let you know. 

Kid Congo’s autobiography Some New Kind of Kick is great. 

Even if it’s just me saying it, I do believe we’ve struck a great balance of new and old as we try to provide you with a cool mix tape for a Saturday night in October. 

Fanatic, in our second hour, we’ve got a great bit of concept listening. We’re going to check out the Eden Studios sessions of Joy Division. One of the many interesting aspects of this grouping of songs is they were produced by Martin Rushent. If that name is familiar, you might remember him as the man who did the great majority of the recordings with Buzzcocks during their amazing United Artists period. How cool to hear the band without Martin Hannett an with the “other” Martin. The following quote is from the joydiv.org site. 

Eden Studios, London 03-04-79
Producer: Martin Rushent

Possibly due to the lack of studio time these songs are played in a rather straight-forward and almost "business-like" manner.

Fans were delighted when the last track finally surfaced in Aug 2002

We hope you’ve been digging our October listening sessions! Next week’s show is already done and ready for you. We have amazing November shows in the works. So many new bands to play for you. 

We hope you dig the show tonight and that you’re getting a lot of listening done in the month of months. Until next week, listen to tons of music and STAY FANATIC!!!  

–– Henry