Fanatic! I hope you had a great week. I’ve been at the desk working away on things and trying to get in as much listening as possible. I checked out the new Memo PST album, really great. I checked out the first Fake Fruit album, which I hadn’t played in awhile. They have a new one coming out later this year I’m looking forward to hearing. I got my first listen to TV Smith’s new album Handwriting. I think it’s my favorite of his solo stuff so far. It’s great. I’ve played the new Bed Maker album once so far. Really great.

New Goblin Daycare album - Agitprop Hotline


Bed Maker’s first album


 The Adverts Rehearsal Tape 12” is here!


Larry Hardy of In The Red Records and I are extra stoked about this record. You might have seen bootlegs of the Adverts practice tape and sadly, you might have heard the low-fi wrong speed, missing a song bootlegs that have been in circulation. I was able to get the tape the Adverts sent to Chiswick Records in search of a record deal. It sounded much better than the bootlegs. I asked TV Smith if Larry and I could put it out. He said yes. Ian MacKaye and I transferred the tape at Tonal Park in Takoma, MD. We sent the tracks to Mikey Young for mastering. The record came out sounding great and it’s a true bit of Punk Rock history by one of the great bands of the genre. In a perfect rookie error made by two old men who should know better, the two columns of the liner notes on the inner sleeve are reversed so you have to read the right column first. Sorry! Anyway, the record is really cool and it’s available right now. We didn’t make many so you might want to move on it sooner than later.

Cool band Bermuda Squares


A new collection of Alan Vega music out at the end of the month.


The Continuals album is great.


The remixed Upchuck Sense Yourself LP is happening.


New Kid Congo!


TV Smith’s Handwriting LP


Dr. Sure’s Unusual Practice Reality album is excellent


We have what you will hopefully find to be a great two hour mixtape! I played all the tracks back yesterday and I’m liking it. 

Have a great night of listening an excellent weekend and STAY FANATIC!!! 

–– Henry


Hour 1

  1. Buzzcocks- Just Lust / Singles Going Steady
  2. Dee Dee Ramone - Rock and Roll Vacation In LA / Hop Around
  3. The Birthday Party - Cat Man / The Birthday Party
  4. Upchuck - Boss Up / Sense Yourself (2024 Remix)
  5. Parsnip - Papier Mache / Behold
  6. The Screamer - Filing Cabinets / The Screamer
  7. Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds - A Beast, A Priest / That Delicious Vice
  8. The Stooges - Tight Pants / Anthology Box - The Stooges & Beyond
  9. Jimmy Lloyd - Rocket In My Pocket / Songs The Cramps Taught Us Volume 03
  10. Continuals - Caught Me Slippin' / Continuals
  11. R.M.F.C. - The Source / Hive Vol. 1
  12. Make-Up - Hey! Orpheus / I Want Some
  13. Linda Guilala - Mucho Más Joven / Espacio De Tiempo (2009-2019)
  14. Abi Ooze - Right Now and Not Later / Forestdale Sessions
  15. Devo - Can U Take It (early version) / Art Devo 1973-1977
  16. The Fall - Stephen Song (Long Session) / The Wonderful And Frightening World Of…
  17. Rondelles - The Upshot / The Fox
  18. Unrest - Cath Carroll (radio edit) / Cath Carroll (promo CD)
  19. Mirror Revelations- Aura / Aura

Hour 2

  1. Generation X - No No No (B-side To Ready Steady Go) / Generation X
  2. The Warmers - Red Light Runner / Wanted: More
  3. Roky Erickson - The Night Of The Vampire / 08/20/79 KSJO FM
  4. The Unknowns - Dianne / East Coast Low
  5. The Galaxies - This Rock And Roll / Automatic Bop - Volume 01
  6. Green/Blue - Gold / Paper Thin
  7. Misfits - TV Casualty / Static Age
  8. Dr. Sure's Unusual Practice - Realest / Total Reality
  9. Cramps - Rocket In My Pocket / Rocket In My Pocket
  10. Ngozi Family - We Were Not Told / Day Of Judgment
  11. Busted Head Racket - Poor No More / Go! Go! Go!
  12. Ty Segall - When I Met My Parents Pt. 3 / First Taste
  13. The Damned - Love Song / Peel Session
  14. TV Smith - As Good As It Gets / Handwriting
  15. Freak Genes - Fishing Line / Power Station
  16. Dendö Marionette - Alchemist / Dendö Marionette
  17. Soontoon Chairoogruen - Rice Farm Girl / Molam: Thai Country Groove From Isan Vol. 02
  18. Fugazi - In Defense Of Humans / First Demo
  19. The Bikinis- Crazy Vibrations / 60 Songs From The Cramps Crazy Collection
  20. Golden Grease - Party Problem / Zero Time
  21. Abstract Nympho - Was Warst Du / Static EP