Fanatic! I think it’s a holiday weekend. At the gym earlier, I saw on the news there will be millions of people on the road all over the USA. Please be careful out there.

We have a great warm weather mix tape of tunes for you tonight.

We’ve got a Whippets track on for tonight. Their new album is out. I just got mine. Very cool. You might remember the band Wristwatch we played on the show, Bobby Hussy is in both bands. He’s keeping busy. 

We’ve also have a track from the very coo Ty Segall remix of Upchuck’s Sense Yourself album.

The Bed Maker record is out in a few days. I’ve got it and it sounds great. We start tracks from it next week! Here’s the Bandcamp info.

As you probably know, a lot of bands are on Bandcamp so if you find yourself interested in hearing more of any of the cool bands we have on tonight, you can probably find out more pretty easily.

We’re well into work on next week’s show, making sure we have all our frogs in a row.

Have a great weekend and STAY FANATIC!!! 

–– Henry