KCRW Broadcast 8

Fanatics! Finally, we are getting this broadcast out to you all! I have been working on this one for weeks. In fact, I was changing things all the way until last night. Many weeks ago, whilst reading Simon Reynolds’ very good book on Post Punk, Rip It Up And Start Again, I thought I would do a show based around bands that were in the book and some that weren’t. Besides the topic matter being interesting, Reynolds is a good writer and puts all this music in context. This is a very worthwhile read and the music holds up very well all these years later.

There are two versions of Rip It Up And Start Again.

The one printed in the USA:

And the UK printing:

I have them both. I don’t know why, but the writing is different in some parts of the US version, perhaps an attempt to “Americanize” it or something. Also, the US edition doesn’t seem to have as much content as the UK version. If I were you, I would get the UK version, it’s a little more expensive but worth it. However, you would be well served by the US edition.

Tonight’s broadcast concentrates mainly on the UK Post Punk scene with a little of the US version thrown in. The book covers scenes happening in other places.

I think tonight is one of our best ever broadcasts so I hope you enjoy it. I think this was on of the most impactful eras of music. Talk about influencing what came afterwards! Post Punk music certainly left its mark. There is no way that I could put in all the bands that would fall into this genre so obviously some have been left out. Perhaps for another show, you never know. We have a long way to go!

I wrote a short letter to Simon Reynolds, telling him of our show tonight. I wonder if he’ll check it out?

It’s great to be back live on the radio again. It’s been two weeks. I was onstage at Coachella last Saturday and was unable to get back to the station.

I hope you are digging this show. Next week, an eclectic and electrifying mix awaits you. It’s all done and ready to do its thing. Thanks for listening and until next week . . . STAY FANATIC!!! --Henry

E-Mail address for Henry: Henryontheradio@AOL.com

01. Neu! - Super / Neu! 2
02. David Bowie - Art Decade / Low
03. Iggy Pop - Funtime / The Idiot
04. Public Image Ltd. – Careering / Second Edition
05. Magazine – Recoil / Real Life
06. DEVO - Mechanical Man (Booji Boy Version) / Greatest Misses
07. Pere Ubu - Nonalignment Pact / The Modern Dance
08. The Normal - Warm Leatherette / single
09. Gang Of Four - Damaged Goods / Entertainment!
10. The Slits - Typical Girls / Cut
11. The Pop Group - Words Disobey Me / Y
12. Joy Division – Interzone / Unknown Pleasures
13. The Fall - Bingo Masters Break-Out / The Fall Box Set CD #01.
14. Glaxo Babies - Who Killed Bruce Lee / Dreams Interrupted
15. This Heat – Sleep / Deceit
16. Wire - Being Sucked In Again / Chairs Missing
17. Cabaret Voltaire - Do the Mussolini (Head Kick) / The Original Sound Of Sheffield
18. Young Marble Giants - Music For Evenings / Colossal Youth
19. The Swell Maps - Steven Does / A Trip To Marineville
20. Spizz - Cold City / Where's Captain Kirk?
21. Family Fodder - Savoir Faire / Savoir Faire: The Best Of
22. Passage – Fear / Pindrop
23. Dum Dum Dum - Dum Dum Dum / Messthetics Greatest Hits
24. Ludus – My Cherry Is In Sherry / The Seduction
25. Crisis – Frustration / Holocaust Hymns
26. Scritti Politti – Bibbly-O-Tek / Early
27. The Cravats – Precinct / Land Of The Giants
28. The Pseudo Existors - Beyond The Zone / Stamp Out Normality
29. Desperate Bicycles – Handlebars / single
30. The Sound – Skeletons / From The Lion’s Mouth
31. Suicide - Ghost Rider / Suicide