KCRW Broadcast 9

Fanatics! I imagine some of you are still reeling from our Post Punk show last week. How to follow up? More great music, that’s how. I have played this one over and over and I think it’s ready for your inspection and enjoyment.

I believe this is the first time we have listened to the amazing Al Eide so I hope you enjoy it. Al wrote me and said he is working on new album and hopefully will get that one to you as soon as I can.

I imagine some of you will be a little distracted by the Dee Dee King track. For those of you who don’t know, many years ago, Dee Dee Ramone took a venture into the world of rap music. He re-named himself Dee Dee King and released and 12” called Funky Man and an album called Standing In The Spotlight. Standing is, well, you should hear it all the way through sometime. There are some songs on it that I guess could be considered but there’s also some pretty rockin’ stuff as well. Overall, the album is pretty insane. The backing vocals you hear on this track are done by none other than Debbie Harry, pretty cool!

The Screamer track perhaps needs a little explaining. I grew up in Washington DC and listened to WRC talk radio all the time. At one point, the station was besieged by genius crank calls by the one they called The Screamer. Hilarious stuff. A few years ago, Mark Robinson of the mighty Teenbeat label, put many of the called together and released an entire CD’s worth of Screamer calls. I think they are amazing, I hope you enjoy tonight’s installment. You will notice that I have included a Mark track into the mix as well. Canada’s Green Highways is one of his best, I think.

DJ Liza Richardson gave me a copy of The Horrors album Primary Colours last week and I can happily say that after listening to it six times all the way through, I think it’s fantastic and perhaps my favorite new release of this year. There’s a track from the album included tonight, hope you like it.

Next week I have a monster show that I think is almost all the way there. Unknown Instructors, Erase Erata, Gene Defcon, just to name a few!

Did you hear the news? Sleep reunion in England May 9 & 10?! I am gutted to be missing this!!!! Please tour! Play Holy Mountain and Dopesmoker in their entirety every night! Let’s do it!!!!!!!!!

Until next week, Fanatics . . . STAY FANATIC!!! --Henry

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01. Slayer - Angel Of Death / Reign In Blood
02. Public Enemy - She Watch Channel Zero?! / Nation of Millions
03. Kraftwerk – Dentaku / Computer World
04. Koudede - Ewela I Gorassane / Amghar-D'ana
05. Von Sudenfed – Flooded / Tromatic Reflexxions
06. Dee Dee King - Mashed Potato Time / Standing in the Spotlight
07. Mark Robinson - Aluminum / Canada's Green Highways
08. Soccer Team - Head Outside / Soccer Team
09. Sightings - The Electrician / Through The Panama
10. Roy Orbison Life Fades Away / Less Than Zero
11. Hallelujah Chicken Run Band - Mudzimu Ndiringe / Take One
12. Al Eide - Party Down / Rocktagious
13. Captain Beefheart - Neon Meate Dream Of A Octafish / Trout Mask Replica
14. The Adverts - Back From The Dead / Punk Singles Collection
15. Albert Ayler - Ghosts: First Variation / Spiritual Unity
16. Louis Jordan – Beware / Decca Recordings
17. Grinderman - Go Tell The Women / Grinderman
18. Manu Chao - Siberia / La Radiolina
19. Matt Payne - Of Arranger / Matt Payne EP
20. Nymphs - Just One Happy Day / The Nymphs
21. Oil Tasters - That's When The Brick Goes Through The Window / Oil Tasters
22. The Telephone Company - I-C-E C-R-E-A-M / The King's Surprise?
23. The Screamer - Filing Cabinets / The Screamer
24. The Rolling Stones - Shattered / Some Girls
25. The Pyramids - Aomawa – Pyramids / Music Of Idris Ackamoor
26. Deadboy And The Elephantmen - Stop, I'm Already Dead / We Are Night Sky
27. Dizu Plaatjes - Vumani (Believe In Us) - Live In Langa
28. The Horrors - Scarlet Fields / Primary Colours