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It's been days and the mail keeps coming in from all over the world. The verdict is in and you Fanatics dug our Frank Zappa show immensely! Thank you for all the ecstatic mail. It's always great to hear from you of course. Perhaps one of the best validations we have ever gotten on our little show came last week in the form of two letters from two different members of the Zappa family, thanking us for our Frank tribute. Nice. Also, a bit of a relief that our well meant show was not taken in the wrong way.

Now tonight, we have a great mix of tunes. I promised you that we would get into that new version of Kill City and we waste no time doing it. I hope that some of you have checked out this new mix, it's fantastic. I am several plays into the thing and am digging it.

It's all our house jams until we get to track thirteen. I just got a large box of jams from Jack White. He has a cool label called Third Man. I have done quite a bit of listening to the jams and there is some real good stuff. Tonight we listen to some Jack solo, it's a good one.

I got the ok from Marisa who gave me the new Deerhoof record weeks ago to play this track for you. They are letting the tracks out one at a time until the end of the year. A really great track on the album called I Did Crime For You is not ready to be turned loose yet but as soon as it is, I will play it. Overall, the record is excellent and we will get well into it next year, something to look forward to.

I hope you dig the Cobalt track. It's from a not so easy to find 4CD set that Teen Beat put out a long time ago called Wakefield. I have seen it only twice. It could be that the Teenbeat site has this song for download, I don't know. Great song. Staying in the Teenbeat mode, you know how much we dig that label on this show. I go to the site often to check out if there's anything new. Great happiness! A new hollAnd EP for download. Sounds great. http://www.teenbeatrecords.com/ for more information.

Wait until you hear tonight's Toumast track, it's sublime. We are playing another FZ track tonight, a hair of the dog idea there. It's been awhile since we played anything by the excellent Erase Eratta, what a band. If you have never checked them out, great stuff.

Finally, we get into the Dylan mono box. My favorite track from my favorite Dylan album, Blonde On Blonde, Visions of Johanna. What a song and SO great in mono.

The proof is right in front of you, Fanatic. It's a great show and we are going to have a great time laying it on you so tune in if you can.

As the man once said, "To each his reach and if I can't cop, it ain't mine to have but I'll be reachin' for ya. . ."

This Saturday evening, each for your radio's dial, tune it 89.9 KCRW, crank it up and STAY FANATIC!!!


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01. David Bowie - Hang Onto Yourself / The Rise And Rise Of Ziggy Stardust Volume 3
02. Iggy Pop & James Williamson - Kill City / Kill City
03. Johnny Thunders - Chinese Rocks / LAMF
04. Black Sabbath - Turn Up The Night / Mob Rules
05. Ennio Morricone - Lonesome Billy / The Legendary Italian Westerns Soundtrack
06. Raymond Scott – Nescafe / Manhattan Research, Inc.
07. The Lurkers - Ain't Got A Clue / Fulham Fallout
08. The Ruts - Dope For Guns / The Crack
09. Black Flag – Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie / Everything Went Black
10. The Damned - Rabid (Over You) / The Black Album
11. The Weirdoes - Solitary Confinement / single
12. The Ramones - I Remember You / Leave home
13. Jack White - Fly Farm Blues / Third Man Records: Singles Compilation, Vol. 1
14. Deerhoof - Super Duper Rescue Heads! / Deerhoof vs. Evil
15. DEVO - U Got Me Bugged / Hardcore Devo Vol. 2
16. Sort Sol – Abyss / Dagger & Guitar
17. Cobalt - Sea Nine / Wakefield Vol. 1
18. hollAnd - Tumbleweeds Down Waverly / Sodium Fawn
19. Toumast - Maraou Oran / Ishumar
20. Squatweiler - Call Me / How Many Bands Does It Take To Screw Up A Blondie Tribute?
21. Dinosaur Jr - Little Fury Things / You're Living All Over Me
22. Frank Zappa – Doreen / You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 5
23. Erase Errata - French Canadia / Other Animals
24. The Gun Club - Bill Bailey / Mother Juno
25. Feenjon Group – Sallah / Cafe Feenjon
26. Suicide - I Remember / Suicide
27. Shelley / Devoto – Can You See Me Shining? / Buzzkunst
28. Bob Dylan - Visions Of Johanna (mono) / Blonde On Blonde
29. The Cops - It's Epidemic / Free Electricity
30. Eddie & The Subtitles - American Society / single