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Tonight we revel in jams of immense diversity and density. We start both hours with Black Sabbath just to prove a point that we can and also because it is so liberating to hear the thunder of Tony Iommi’s guitar ring through the halls of Tha K. I encourage you to crank it up and do damage. Please note that our second track of the evening features one Sam Ireland on vocals, one of the mightier female vocalists in independent music and a tremendous live performer. Die Cheerleader, great band, Son of Filth, great album.

You will see that we have proven incapable of staying away from the Dylan mono or the Marnie Stern. I am unable to apologize for our repetitive behavior because the songs are just too good to leave alone. I doubt that we shall ever recover. New on the show is the Coathangers, an Engineer X turn on, very cool. A new album by The Telephone Company called Panda Brain! gets a track hurled onto the airwaves. Drag City kindly sent me a copy of the Dwarr Animals album, which gets a bit of play this evening. You might want to some reading up on Duane Warr, the album’s creator, it’s an intense story that makes the album all that more interesting. Drag City consistently releases great stuff.

One of the bands I keep a close eye on, Buck Gooter, have released a new album which we jam tonight. For more info: www.buckgooter.tk. The two man band threatens to release their first vinyl next year.

Yes, more of the Iggy/Williamson, it’s too good to leave at home. I have been playing the vinyl version all week and it’s so great what has been accomplished on the re-mix. I just got a copy of the Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas album and have not had the chance to explore it all that deeply but tonight’s track is the first one that jumped out at me. We will be back to visit this one again. The Swans track we are enjoying tonight comes from a live show that I was witness to in the year of 1986. One of the best shows I have ever seen. Thankfully, a tape recorder was on to document the experience that would have been relegated to a tall tale losing signal in the ever thickening mists of time. Whoa.

Oh, look, it’s more Black Sabbath to start us out on our second hour. How did that happen? It is the response to the call that tonight’s first track issued. In fact, the entire hour is in tribute to one of the great superstars of the last century. I will leave you with this great music and the hope that you will join us at 89.9 KCRW as we drop it from a great height.

Listen with breakneck speed and STAY FANATIC!!!


JOE COLE 04.10.61 – 12.19.91


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01. Black Sabbath - Into The Void / Master Of Reality
02. Die Cheerleader - Massive Tangled Muscle / Son Of Filth
03. Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues / Best Of The Mono Recordings
04. Marnie Stern - Female Guitar Players Are The New Black
05. The Coathangers - Sonic You / Scramble
06. The Telephone Company - Panda Brain / Panda Brain!
07. Dwarr - Animals / Animals
08. Buck Gooter - Snakes Are Cool / Beyond The Rotting Leaf
09. Bush Tetras - Too Many Creeps / Boom In The Night
10. Iggy Pop & James Williamson - I Got Nothin' / Kill City
11. Fábio - Lindo Sonho Delirante / Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas
12. Butthole Surfers - The O-Men / Locust Abortion Technician
13. The Swans – Coward / LA 1986
14. Black Sabbath - War Pigs / Live At Last
15. Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile / In The West
16. Devo - Auto Modown / Hardcore Devo Vol. 01
17. Black Flag - American Waste / Six Pack EP
18. Miles Davis - Ali (Take 4) / Complete Jack Johnson Sessions
19. Beastie Boys - A Year And A Day / Paul's Boutique
20. Public Enemy - Miuzi Weighs A Ton / Yo! Bum Rush the Show
21. Led Zeppelin - Black Dog / Led Zeppelin IV
22. The Stains - Sick And Crazy / The Stains