KCRW Broadcast : Ian Mackaye

Fanatic! A special show. It was all Ian’s idea. He thought it would be a cool idea for he and I to recount the time Black Flag went to the UK in December of 1981. Ian came along on that one. Not the best time but it made for some great stories.

When Ian was out here for Coachella this year, he came by one evening and after Engineer X had got the mics going, Ian and I basically told the stories to him. EX took the tracks with him back to his studio, got it all edited and sent it in to KCRW.

Thanks to Ian for coming up with the idea and making the time. Thanks to Engineer X for keeping us within the confines of the limitations of our two hour broadcast. Thanks to Engineer Am-Rock for getting from the station to you.

We hope you dig the show!

Go analog whenever possible and STAY FANATIC!!!

–– Henry

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Photo credit: Chuck P.