Lee Fields livens up KCRW HQ with his funky soul.
Photo by Andres Herrera.

Lee Fields: KCRW Live From HQ

Intimate performances, fresh sounds, and candid conversations with a view.

Lee Fields — the 71-year-old soul-funk legend and James Brown acolyte (nicknamed “Little JB”) — shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. His 2022 LP Sentimental Fool counts among the most profound music he’s delivered to date, and he remains in the midst of a tireless world tour to support that divine work of art.

Fields and his fighting-form band, The Expressions, hit the Ahmanson Performance Studio at KCRW HQ for a raw, intimate performance that’ll have you grooving and swooning through every tender and deeply felt note they bring to life.

The soul crooner also joins MBE co-host Novena Carmel for some candid real talk exploring chicken feet, the enduring sisterhood of Sharon Jones, and how none of us will ever escape this life without acting like a fool every now and then. Pro-tip: If you're in SoCal, Fields is set to bring the funk to San Diego’s Mustache Bash on Saturday, March 25.

Photo by Andres Herrera

Photo by Andres Herrera

Photo by Andres Herrera

Photo by Andres Herrera

Photo by Andres Herrera

Photo by Andres Herrera


KCRW Music Director: Anne Litt
Art Director: Evan Solano
Lighting Design: Jason Groman
Video Director/Editor: Angie Scarpa
Camera Ops: Nacia Schreiner, Vice Cooler, Angie Scarpa
Event Producer: Liv Surnow
Assistant Producer: Anna Chang
Recording/Mix Engineer: Paul Smith
Digital Producer: Andrea Domanick

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