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For over a decade, German duo Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann, better known as Âme (pronounced “arm”) have tread their own path in house music. Whether through soulful dancefloor anthems or the output of the ever-reliable Innervisions label, which they founded along with DJ/Producer Dixon. A former sub-label of Sonar Kollektiv, it remains one of the most influential house labels in electronic music today — an invaluable platform upon which the three founders have become some of the most established artists in the wider scene.

Together, Âme’s unique contributions complete their artistry: Frank, the composer, is the creative engine behind their act, providing the foundation for Kristian, the explorer through DJing. Thanks to this duality, each marathon set is a journey and vision.

Now, the storied Berlin label is heading to Los Angeles for their highly anticipated Innervisions show, featuring an emotive and psychedelic take on house and techno, brought to life at Pershing Square in DTLA. The first-ever show of its kind and the label’s first official showcase in the city, it will feature Dixon, a DJ set from Âme’s Kristian Beyer, Trikk, and Eagles & Butterflies for extended open-air performances set against the skyline of Los Angeles.

We are thrilled to welcome Kristian of Âme to KCRW for an exclusive guest mix on Metropolis ahead of his DJ set next week.

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We spoke with Âme about the similarities between Berlin and Los Angeles, as well as their strengths and roles as a duo.  

Hi Kristian!

1. You’ve been DJing and producing as a duo for over a decade now – was this the shared vision you had when you first got together?

It was just a moment. Frank came into my record store and we soon found a common language.

He was the musician that I was looking for. I’m not good with handling computers, not to mention instruments. Frank was good in both. Our partnership just kept growing ever since.

2. Known for their love of throwing parties in spectacular locations, the Innervisions event will reimagine Historic Pershing Square Park, complete with stunning views of DTLA's skyline, for one night only. In a few words, can you paint a picture of how the event will look?

Los Angeles has a very special feel. It is very different to Berlin, yet it seems our music also belongs here, to the people and the city. The venue looks unique and also reminds me of our first Inner City Visions nights in Berlin’s Eastern center in the 12th floor. We have a great in-house and local production team, so I think we’re looking for something quite special. We’re definitely looking forward to it.

3. Did you head into 2019 with any specific goals, or any aims to do things differently or to try new things?

I never want to be stuck and be too comfortable on what I’m doing at the moment. I always try to be open and look for new developments and discover new, as well as old things. Whether it’s in art or in music.

After having worked on our first full length album Dream House and releasing it in 2018, I’m excited to work on new material with Frank. We’re already collecting ideas and work on new productions. Also a remix is on its way, but I’m not allowed to disclose any more right now.

4. Do you have distinct roles within the duo? Can you describe your various strengths and they come together in your creative partnership?

We’ve always had a very clear division of labor. And the older we get, the division yet becomes even clearer.

While Frank is the instrumentalist, continuously jamming and working on sounds and rhythms and collaborating, I am the DJ. That means that I’m constantly digging both old and new, as well as most obscure and popular music. We usually perform separately, he is reinterpreting and playing new versions of our productions including improvisational elements, while I am DJing, playing mostly new material that I like at the moment.

When I’m in the studio with Frank, I share with him my opinions, my feedback, my critique. Eventually, together we find the biggest common ground, which becomes very fulfilling.





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