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Lyrical genius and master songstress, Aimee Mann performed live on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Aimee showcased some of her latest works from her self-released album Lost in Space, on Super-Ego records. The set featured the title track -Lost in Space,- as well as other brilliant songs -Humpty Dumpty- and -Pavlov-s Bell.- Also included were some of her well known classics-such as Magnolia-s -Wise up- and -Save Me,- which was nominated in for an academy award in 2000.

In accompaniment today were Michael Lockwood (guitar/ melodica), Jebin Bruni (keyboards) and Michael Hawsman (percussion). Their rich, acoustic sounds blended beautifully with Aimee-s melodic, literary tones. Aimee-s ability to create such amazingly profound and realistic prose is perhaps one of her purest attributes, which are of course, next to her unmistakably alluring, shadowy voice. Her words are hauntingly intelligent; the music is moody and reflective. Overall the performance was -simply- outstanding.

Following the performance on MBE, was her in store appearance at the Virgin Megastore on Sunset Blvd.

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