Channel Tres: Guest DJ set

Channel Tres hangs with Novena and Anthony at KCRW HQ. Photo by Malorie McCall.

KCRW HQ’s famed Studio 129 is certainly no stranger to killer DJ sets, but Compton native  Sheldon Young, a.k.a. house-hop producer Channel Tres, is live in the mix today to ensure that 2023 comes correct. Decked out in a crisp white jacket, black slacks, and snazzy tortoiseshell shades, the in-demand musical polymath drops heater after heater (New Benny Sings! Vulfpeck! Atjazz!) culminating in his very own officially sanctioned (though never officially released) Beyoncé remix. He also spills the tea on his forthcoming EP, Real Cultural Shit — out in February — including Today’s Top Tune, “6am.” 

Between tracks, Novena and Anthony coax the ultra-laid back artist — who says he prefers unwinding post-set with a rousing game of Uno to taking rounds of celebratory shots — further out of his shell. Did you know he sang the Sister Act 2 version (i.e. the iconic version) of “Oh Happy Day” in first grade? Or that he found his perfect workout groove to a collection of Joni Mitchell classics? Click into our channel for all of this and much more.

Young Hearts - Benny Sings 
New Guru - Vulfpeck
Be My Love (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Remix) - Dave Anthony, Lisa Millet, Atjazz
Best Friend (James Juke’s Hot Take) - Brandy
Break My Soul (Channel Tres Remix) - Beyoncé 





Anna Chang