World premiere: Cuco’s 'Forevermore' is a wildy dreamy ode to love found

Written by Andrea Domanick

Listen to the world premiere of Cuco’s “Forevermore” exclusively on KCRW. Photo courtesy the artist.

Over the past few years, it’s been our pleasure to watch Hawthorne’s own Cuco rise from breakout teenage bedroom pop heartthrob to….well, a grown-ass bedroom pop heartthrob. 

Gone are his days of pining over love unrequited and lost, because — sorry, ladies — the man is now taken, and he wants to let the world know how he feels. And we couldn’t be more thrilled that he’s chosen to shout it from the proverbial rooftops of KCRW. 

Today, we’re pleased to share the world premiere of Cuco’s new single “Forevermore” ahead of its release on Friday. It’s a wildly dreamy track laden with George Harrison-style guitar licks and punch-drunk crooning that, combined, feel like a kick of oxytocin to the head. 

“This is a song I hold really, really dearly to my heart,” Cuco tells KCRW. “It’s a song about my lady, and I think it’s such a beautiful and nostalgic, euphoric-feeling song. It feels like it’s in a dream, and I hope you enjoy it.” 

Hit play above and listen to the premiere of “Forevermore” exclusively on KCRW.