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At one time Doves were called Sub Sub, happily existing in the Manchester dance music scene. As a result of a studio fire that destroyed everything, including Sub Sub master tapes, they rethought their direction and emerged two years later as Doves. A long process of writing and recording, along with trial and error, resulted in Doves' sound. Doves' songs can be dark and moody, almost dirge-like to very spirited, energy releasing anthems. Whether you hear an upbeat song or a melancholy ballad, the Doves stamp is there.

The sound is tied together by bass player and singer, Jimi Goodwin whose vocals are soft, yet assured like the food equivalent of marzipan, smooth, yet reassuring and full of flavor. The fraternal bond in the band, are twin brothers Jez and Andy Williams, playing guitar and drums, respectively. Doves are an impressive pop band because they have allowed their dance music past to help them evolve their current music, which the band readily admits. Their music displays modern sensibilities without exploring territory already covered, while becoming more &quotinstrument-centric;" rather then using more technology as they have in their past incarnation. The churn of guitars and creative bass along with shining arrangements make for a listening experience that is not only enjoyable, but interesting. You tend to forget that this is a trio making all the magnificent sounds that shape their memorable songs. Not purely a band with guitars, they employ a tasteful mix of keyboard, piano and various programming that solidifies their sound like a perfect meringue finally standing up on its own.

The motivation behind the track &quotWhere; We're Calling From", from The Last Broadcast, came entirely from David Lynch's oddly beautiful movie, Mulholland Drive. In fact, the cover photograph of their most recent release, The Last Broadcast (2002- Capitol), features a view of Los Angeles from Mulholland Drive. Since being in Los Angeles on their last tour supporting their Lost Souls CD (2000- Astralwerks), the band had found the city hard to get out of its system. Originating from Manchester, England, Morning Becomes Eclectic is pleased to have Doves make a return visit during their latest swing through Los Angeles in support of The Last Broadcast.

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