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Elvis plays songs from his new album, as well as unreleased material, on this edition of Morning Becomes Eclectic. When I was Cruel is the first album released in seven years and recorded entirely at home using beat boxes, fuzz boxes and other effects brought into the studio today. Elvis has tamed the devices, from what may seem like a rigid approach to the music, into a more fluid form. &quotEvery; time its different, that-s the good thing I like about it.. nothing's programmed, its just things that happen and therefore its just like people." Elvis compares his music to the music of the beat generation, which he grew up with in the 50's, and claims to have a disliking for square and boring rhythm rock. A dislike for square and boring got him signed in London when he played outside of a CBS Records convention at the Hilton and was also arrested for his efforts.

His first album, My Aim is True, fell into the arms of the new wave and punk scene and voted as Rolling Stones album of the year in 1977. Costello then formed a backing band, the Attractions, and released This Year's Model, which possesed more of an edge, followed by Armed Forces which reached the top ten. Get Happy!!! was released under the new label F-Beat, followed quickly by the country album Almost Blue. He returned to pop with Trust and won critical acclaim with another pop album Imperial Bedroom. Follow ups Punch the Clock and Goodbye Cruel World kept a lower profile.

In 1986 he recorded King of America with the confederates, a few of whom coincidently backed Elvis Presley. Blood and Chocolate was recorded with the Attractions, after which he left the band to pursue a solo career, resulting in a collaboration with Paul McCartney on his most musically diverse album ever, Spike. In 1991 he released Mighty Like a Rose. Two years later Costello collaborated with the Brodsky Quartet and released The Juliet Letters, which combined pop and classical music. A year later he reunited with the Attractions and got back to pop with the release of Brutal Youth. All This Useless Beauty came out in 1996, which contained songs he wrote for other artists, as well as a 5 CD set of small club performances called Costello & Nieve.





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