MBE June 9: Empowering students, Rupa’s ‘Disco Jazz,’ and more

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New York school teacher Nancy Dupree and her students referred to as “The Group of Rochester, NY Youngsters” bring big smiles and endless inspiration on this 1970s release “What Do I Have?” featuring Ms.Dupree on piano and her students on vocals. As a music teacher, she taught her students about empowerment with relevant topics like the Civil Rights movement and heroes like James Brown. 

This reminds us of the many talented young creators we got to feature on MBE a couple months back as we share some exciting news… KCRW is bringing this amazing group of local musicians, poets, storytellers and visual artists together to perform live this Sunday at The Mayan in Downtown LA. It’s completely free and open to the public so come and support the next generation of talent! More info here

We also hear a fun track titled “Aaj Shanibar” from an artist named Rupa, who in 1982, was disappointed that no one at her local record store recognized her even though she was prominently featured on the cover of the album she released. The appreciation she was looking for didn’t come until 2014 when her son discovered his mom was in fact a fabulous disco vocalist. 

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Anna Chang