MBE Apr. 21: Stromae talks Coachella, ‘Multitude,’ and twerking dogs

Prepare yourself for an onslaught of charm, as Belgian musical polymath Stromae joins us for an exclusive, in-depth conversation between Coachella weekends, where his bombastic showcase is sure to keep festival goers buzzing for months, or more likely, years to come.

Case in point: Today’s conversation between Novena, Anthony, and the artist born Paul Van Haver begins with a twerking robotic dog. Van Haver, on the heels of his third opus “Multitude,” promises even more from the Stromae x Coachella experience this weekend, assuming that the wind decides to be a bit more cooperative.  

Pull up a chair to get the inside scoop from Stromae on the colorful cast of characters he writes about on “Multitude,” his time spent in West Africa and Mexico (among many other countries), family parties filled with Congolese rumba and dancing, and much more.  Plus, we serve up the world premiere of “Thin Line” from LA producer JANN remixed by Kraak & Smak. It’s an emotional journey that combines his whispy voice and vast amounts of soundscapes made up of infinite layers of synths and guitars.





Anna Chang