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Other Lives began as a band called Kunek out of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Rechristened Other Lives in 2008, they released their first album under that name a year later, an atmospheric gem of a record that marries an orchestral rock sound with the sensibility of a classic singer-songwriter vibe. They returned for another batch of majestic, pastoral folk-rock in 2011, which led them to perform with the likes of Bon Iver and Radiohead over the next year. They've taken a break since then to prepare a new album, and if there are two clichés worth using to describe the record, they would be: 1) the third time is the charm, and 2) it has been worth the wait. Guest host Chris Douridas showcases material from Rituals when Other Lives stop by Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Technical Support:
Ray Guarna - Recording Engineer
David Gaume - Band Engineer
Joe Jagenow - Sound Intern
Rob Lafond, Jon Bessire, Grant Buckerfield, Shelly Badal - Web Video Producers

Photo: Emily Ulmer






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