KCRW's Top 30: Bonobo ascends, The Weeknd holds, and Moonchild joins the party

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Bonobo surveys the view from the top. Photo by Grant Spanier.

Now that we officially have our second Top 30 chart of 2022 posted, the real fun can begin. Who’s up? Who’s down? Who’s brand new to the party? You might have expected the 2022 Coachella lineup announcement to make a bigger impact, but it sure is nice to see perennial favorites Spiritualized climbing through our charts on their way to the desert fest. Also desert-bound and racing up our list of the week’s most played albums is Global Beat Australia super-alum Logic1000.

But of course, it was LA-based British DJ extraordinaire Bonobo who claimed number one this week. His hotly anticipated new album “Fragments” dropped on Jan. 14, and we did some serious celebrating across the KCRW airwaves. Pro tip: keep your eye on the LA group Moonchild. It’s always always fun to witness an upward trajectory progress, and it feels like they’re the ones to watch. 

Check out the full rundown of KCRW’s Top 30 Albums chart and our Top 30 Spotify playlist below.