KCRW's Top 30: Arlo Parks rules, Spoon comes in hot, and Tolliver returns

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Arlo Parks is always number one in our hearts. Photo by Lillie Eiger.

You know we love Arlo Parks right? Like, we really, really love Arlo Parks.  You’ll find her referring to her brand new, one-off single “Softly” as her new baby. The correlation between creative output and human child feels especially apt for Parks. All of her work is deeply personal, carefully made, and it’s easy to understand why she would feel such a familial bond with a song as sweet as this one.

KCRW DJs are clearly feeling the bond with this beautiful track as well, given that it easily secured the number one spot on this week’s Top 30 chart. Also worth your attention is the rapid advancement of LA-based duo NEIL FRANCES, the return of fellow Angelino Tolliver's excellent 2021 EP “Daddyland, and the very soon to be released tenth studio album from Austin’s finest — Spoon.

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