Today's Top Tune

Today's Top Tune

A weekday download of standout songs, including advance releases, exclusive live tracks recorded at KCRW, remixes, and an introduction to new artists on our radar.


Big Search explores life after divorce and nomadic insomnia through a dreamy lens on their new album.

Jehnny Beth of London post-punk outfit Savages, along with her producer (and life partner), Johnny Hostile, team up to score the new documentary XY Chelsea, about trans activist and…

If Oh Land's latest album were a book about the process of love, pain, and life - "Speak To Me With Love" would be a chapter to read over and over.

Identical twins Jared and Jonathan Mattson are known as the Mattson 2, a dynamic jazz-infused duo. "Essence" is a throwback, smooth sounding jam that blends genres.

A man of many musical talents, Cautious Clay discovered other forms of music through his training in classical flute. In celebration of a new EP, we offer "Sidewinder."

Longtime LA musician Eleni Mandell helped women inmates by teaching them to write songs.

LA producer Mndsgn is back at it with a new album inspired by his first love, beatmaking! Always prolific with his creativity, Mndsgn is quick to share a new one called "Deviled Eggs."

Minimalist electronic duo Drinker leave New York behind for greener pastures, making "California" their new reality and the title of their new song.