Today's Top Tune

Today's Top Tune

A weekday download of standout songs, including advance releases, exclusive live tracks recorded at KCRW, remixes, and an introduction to new artists on our radar.


As the season winds down, Conor O'Brien aka Villagers says: "Summer's Song is the closest I'll ever get to writing a pure pop song.

Electronic artist Merz was inspired by his relocation from Europe to Joshua Tree, as he relaxed his body and mind to create "Somewhere To Run."

Red, Gold, Green & Blue is a new album revisiting some of the classics that sparked the Reggae revolution.

Check out this slinky R&B earworm, "Too Much To Ask," from the LA-based 3-piece Moonchild. They channel a mellow, sonic melody that's sexy enough for late night romance.

Hailing from Kinshasa (DRC), KOKOKO! began at a spontaneous block party in 2016, where the founding members just clicked into polyrhythms.

Marco Benevento is a nimble artist who seems to be comfortable playing with just about anyone, including members of the Grateful Dead or Dan Auerbach.

Austrian songwriter/producer filous teams up with LA-based singer/songwriter Ashe for the playful and poppy "Monday."

Multi-instrumentalist Nate Mercereau created an album's worth of songs around finding joy! Explore the experimental sounds found in "This Simulation Is A Good One."