Hakushi Hasegawa: ‘Mouth Flash' (Kuchinohanabi)

Hakushi Hasegawa has the distinction of being the first Japanese artist signed to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label. Based in Tokyo, they create what some may say is cohesive cacophony, a wild sonic ride that follows the label’s ethos to seek out artists that operate outside of the confines of pigeonholed genres. 

Hakushi explains the meaning behind new track “Mouth Flash (Kuchinohanabi)”: “What I feel I should do from now on is to disturb the music with my own body, and to expose the chaos, although it is not coherent,” they say. “I believe that this song is the very beginning of that process. (The body is always subject to the forces of history and categorization, but always seems to be situated between individual narratives, songs, and dances at the same time.)”





Ariana Morgenstern