Lido Pimienta: ‘He Venido Al Mar’

Lido Pimienta’s “He Venido Al Mar,” or “I’ve Come Down to the Sea” in English, was written for the protagonist in the film Calladita aka The Quiet Maid, a story of a hard- working Colombian migrant working for a wealthy family.  It’s a story that resonated with Lido Pimienta: 

“I resonated with this character and her attitude to enjoy life no matter what and in every step of the way, with open eyes and a badass attitude,” Pimienta reflects. “In the lyrics I say, ‘I am the soil and the seed for my family’ and I truly believe this, in my heart. I do anything to see my children and my community happy and proud, and sometimes there are people more powerful and scary trying to dim our light, but we somehow persevere. ‘I don't know where I’m going, but I got joy in my heart.’ It’s all about that line, never lowering our gaze, for nobody, never cowering or apologizing for being ourselves and to always and forever defend our right to be joyful and free.”

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Ariana Morgenstern