FREAKS ONLY: March 24, 2023

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FREAKS ONLY live alert. Catch host Travis Holcombe DJ-ing alongside heady dance duo Pale Blue’s Mike Simonetti, and Club Tularosa on Friday, Mar. 31 at an undisclosed location. Grab your tix now for the Sensory Signal event which will also feature a live performance from Pale Blue, and get yourself hyped by enjoying their latest single “No Words,” in this edition of FO.

We’re also cueing up the dreamy cut “AMERICAN THICK” from French Police. The Chicago-based band are neither French, nor police, but they are a group to keep eyes and ears on as they continue crafting pitch-perfect synthpop en Español. Plus, eclectic-minded, Amsterdam-based producer Young Marco’s latest remix reveals that the dream of the aughts is still very much alive.