FREAKS ONLY playlist: June 20, 2024

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LA-based(?) producer Pale Jay is a self-styled enigma, letting his evocative tones, heart-wrenching lyrics, and carefully crafted beats speak volumes. Hear his new single “Easy, Lee” once you hit that player button to your left, and then get excited for his new LP Low End Love Songs, due Sept. 6 via Colemine Records. Plus, Mermaid Chunky’s “chaperone” is out now and so is the news that their debut LP for DFA, slif slaf slof, will be released on Sept. 13. And the shimmering sounds of La Femme’s latest, “Ciao Paris!” are spot-on for these first official days of summer. Find these and so many other future faves by cueing up FREAKS ONLY, right now.