The Rapture Mix

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The Rapture. Courtesy of The Rapture.

The Rapture were a flagship band of the post-punk revival that swept through the indie underground during the early 2000’s. The Rapture’s blend of post-punk and dance blew up with the release of “House of Jealous Lovers” in 2003. The song had been recorded with help from the DFA Records production team, who added heavy electronics to the band’s sound, and the track’s popularity convinced The Rapture to continue working with DFA on a full-length album, Echoes, released that same year.

Recently the The New York three-piece band have announced a comeback, including gigs around the country, and teased the possibility of teaming up again with DFA for special concert events, and even a new album.

While we await The Rapture’s next steps, we are thrilled to welcome the band to KCRW for an exclusive guest mix ahead of their live show at San Diego’s CRSSD festival next month.