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'Kitchen Creativity' 11 MIN, 32 SEC

In their eleventh book, “Kitchen Creativity,” Karen Page & Andrew Dornenburg offer a culinary education from the world’s greatest chefs without relying on a single recipe.

'Smitten Kitchen Every Day' 10 MIN, 17 SEC

Deb Perelman’s recipe for ‘Every Day Meatballs’ debuted on her blog
and now it’s featured in her latest cookbook. (Photo by Deb Perelman)

Before there was ‘Smitten Kitchen,’ there was simply ‘Smitten,’ the blog started in 2003 by Deb Perelman to chronicle her dating life in New York City. Perelman was one of the first food bloggers to write a successful cookbook. Her latest is ‘Smitten Kitchen Every Day.’

'Making Modern Meals' 10 MIN, 52 SEC

Author Amy Trubek in her kitchen. (Photo by Brent Harrewyn)

Home cooking has the power to shape our memories, lives, and tastes– but isn’t a necessity anymore. Amy Trubek’s new book ‘Making Modern Meals: How Americans Cook Today’ looks at how making meals at home went from being a chore to a choice, and finally to a creative endeavor.

Making Modern Meals

Amy B. Trubek

The difficulty of easy cooking 10 MIN, 32 SEC

With food shows and newfangled gadgets, home cooking is a huge industry. But that’s not to say it’s getting any easier. Food historian Rachel Laudan offers some thoughts on why making a simple meal can be such a headache.

Market Report: Puntarelle 8 MIN, 14 SEC

Top Chef Richard Blais grabs fresh puntarelle from the market.
(Photo by Joseph Stone)

Laura Avery drops by the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market to hear about puntarelle, the underrated shoots used in Italian cooking. She meets up with Richard Blais, chef and owner of Juniper & Ivy and Crack Shack in San Diego, and farmer Debby Takikawa of The Garden of . . . in Los Olivos.

Jonathan Gold dines at Longo Seafood in Rosemead 5 MIN, 2 SEC

The seafood dishes are fresh from the tank at Longo Seafood.
(Photo courtesy of Longo Seafood)

Jonathan Gold reviewed Longo Seafood Restaurant in Rosemead for the LA Times and found out why some dim sum aficionados are calling this the San Gabriel Valley’s most important dim sum restaurant opening in a long time.

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