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Here's the second installment of our podcast devoted to pie. It's called the PieCast.

Photo: Picadillo Pies (Marta Darby)

A ready made pie crust, dissected 11 MIN, 31 SEC

In 2014, a buttermilk pie in a pre-made Pillsbury crust slipped through the cracks to win the Kentucky State Fair pie contest. Even though the crust was not baked from scratch. We called Dr. Theodore Lioutas to find out how such a thing could happen and what makes a ready made pie crust so flaky and good. A research professor in the food engineering department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he's got 30 years of food science experience at General Mills, PepsiCo and Campbell Soup.

Music: "The Carousel" by Marc Jugerman & "Breaking Point" by Peter Bjorn and John

Vegan pie-making tips from Clara Polito 5 MIN, 48 SEC

Have you ever taken a bite of a baked good and thought, "Wow, I could eat six more of these!" And then you take another bite and your jaw drops because it's just so good. Lucky for us, Clara Polito, the 19-year-old mastermind behind Clara Cakes, is here to demystify vegan pie-making for us. Polito shared a great raspberry peach pie with us and her recipe for the pie is on the Good Food blog. See her in action at KCRW's pie contest on October 2. She's the youngest of our esteemed panel of judges.

Music: "Cherry Picking" by Potty Mouth 

The flavors of a Cuban pie 5 MIN, 35 SEC

For the past couple of years, we've had a special world category in KCRW's pie contest. Past entries have included a Japanese citrus yuzu pie and a pie with a Nazca art-inspired face baked into a lattice crust. This year, we dedicated a Cuban "La Cubana" pie category to Afro-Cuban printmaker Belkis Ayon. Her work is featured at UCLA's Fowler Museum near Royce Quad where our pie contest will be held. If you're new to Cuban flavors, we have just the guest to inspire you in the kitchen: Marta Darby. Her blog is My Big Fat Cuban Family.

Music: "Yo Quiero Trabajar" by La Dame Blanche 

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