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Photo: Pati Jinich's matzo ball soup with mushrooms and jalapeños (Ellen Silverman)

The New Mediterranean Jewish Table 8 MIN, 26 SEC

When we reached Joyce Goldstein to talk about her latest book The New Mediterranean Jewish Table: Old World Recipes for the Modern Home, she called herself a detective. "I like to know where food comes from, following the trail of a recipe from one country to the other," Goldstein told Evan. For the book, she focused her sleuthing skills on dishes that are part of Sephardic, Maghrebi and Mizrahi culinary traditions. She shares a recipe for a dish popular for Passover in the Mediterranean: carciofata di Trieste. Find instructions for how to make this spring medley of artichokes, peas, carrots, asparagus and new potatoes on the Good Food blog.

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Rhapsody in Schmaltz 13 MIN, 13 SEC

For many Jewish families, Passover is synonymous with suitcase-size bundles of matzo. This "Bread of Affliction," as it's called in Deuteronomy, is food for the brain but not the belly, says Michael Wex. He's the author of Born to Kvetch and now has a new book hot off the presses: Rhapsody in Schmaltz: Yiddish Food and Why We Can't Stop Eating It. Tune in to hear Wex discuss everything from artisanal matzo production to making matzo in 18 minutes or less.

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A roasted leg of lamb recipe for Passover 7 MIN, 16 SEC

Next we turn to another food often eaten during Passover: lamb. Israelites brought along roasted lamb sandwiches made with bitter herbs and matzo during the exodus from Egypt, says Amelia Saltsman, author of The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen. To make this connection for guests at the Passover table, Saltsman will serve a roasted leg of lamb with salsa verde, re-purposing any leftover herbs from the Seder. Find her recipe on the Good Food blog.

At the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, prices for organic grass-fed lamb from Jimenez Family Farm range from $4 for bones to $30 for a rack of lamb. Joe Jock gives Laura Avery the lowdown on how their lambs are raised on the ranch in Santa Ynez. The herd of some 40 Dorper and Katahdin lambs graze on grass in open pastures. A fence and German Shepherd guard dog keep the predators away. At eight months, the young sheep are slaughtered and brought to market as whole carcasses or custom cuts. Jock says he's seeing an uptick in sales so don't be surprised if you see more grass-fed lamb ending up on the plate.

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Matzo ball soup with a Mexican twist 17 MIN, 28 SEC

The Mexican saying La mejor comida Mexicana es la que se come en la calle y en la casa means "the best Mexican food is the food we eat on the street and at home." Pati Jinich lives in Washington, DC. now but she spent her youth in Mexico City and is headed back there to shoot the next season of her James Beard-nominated PBS series, Pati's Mexican Table. Pati tells us about how her Jewish-Mexican roots informed the recipes in her latest cookbook, Mexican Today: New and Rediscovered Recipes for Contemporary Kitchens. Find her recipe for matzo ball soup with mushrooms and jalapeños on the Good Food blog.

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Mexican Today

Pati Jinich

Jonathan Gold dines at Moruno 8 MIN, 59 SEC

This week Jonathan Gold does tapas at Moruno. The pincho moruno, which are little Spanish shish kebabs, may be the restaurant's signature dish but Jonathan recommends many other plates to try along with wine and vermouth that's made especially for Moruno. He likes the Gildas (olives, anchovies and guindilla peppers on a toothpick), the halved and spit-roasted cabbage smothered in yogurt, the mejadra, the french fries and the deep-fried biscuits served with vanilla ice cream and tangerine marmalade. 

Original Farmers Market
633 West Third Street, Stall 110
Los Angeles, CA

Text the words "Good Food" to 69866 to get Jonathan's weekly restaurant recommendations and see pictures of the dishes he likes on the Good Food blog.

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