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Yesterday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a new law increasing the pay during family leave in the state. We hear from the lawmaker behind the measure. Then, today is Equal Pay Day. Where are we on the male-female pay gap? This fall, there’s a good chance Californians will vote to legalize pot. What could it mean for the business sector? After that, a look at the influence of the surfing documentary “The Endless Summer” 50 years after its release. And finally, Kobe Bryant retires after his final game tomorrow with the L.A. Lakers.

California Expands Paid Family Leave 9 MIN, 57 SEC

Is paid family leave the new front in the fight over worker benefits? Last week, Governor Jerry Brown signed the $15 minimum wage bill. Yesterday he increased family leave benefits. The state lets people take up to six weeks of paid leave to care for new children or sick parents. Under the law the governor signed yesterday, workers earning
up to $108,000 a year will take home more money during that time off - 60 to 70 percent of their salaries, up from about half. Is it the start of a national movement?

Jimmy Gomez, California State Assembly (@JimmyGomezCA)
Jeffrey Hayes, Program Director of Institute for Women's Policy Research

Equal Pay Day 8 MIN, 45 SEC

Today is Equal Pay Day, created 20 years ago to call attention to the gap in wages between men and women. It would take an extra four months to this day for a woman to equal a man’s yearly salary. There have been significant attempts to close the wage gap in recent years. Pay equity was one of the first pieces of legislation signed by President Obama back in 2009, and last year California passed the toughest wage parity law in the nation. Is it working?

Jennifer Reisch, Legal Director of Equal Rights Advocates (@JReischERA)

Inside California's Pot Industry 9 MIN, 2 SEC

Chances are good that Californians will vote to legalize pot this November. A proposed ballot measure has wide support. Twenty years ago, Californians approved the measure that legalized medical marijuana use, and since then those working in the cannabis industry have been operating in a kind of hazy legal zone. State lawmakers never bothered to clear that up, until last fall, when Governor Brown signed legislation to establish clear guidelines and regulations for the industry. In the process, he may have ushered in an era of “Big Pot” in California. What happens next?

Peter Hecht, Author of "Weed Land", Senior Writer at Sacramento Bee (@phecht_sacbee)

Weed Land

Peter Hecht

‘The Endless Summer’ at 50 14 MIN, 9 SEC

“The Endless Summer” is a 1960s documentary about surfing that changed the surfing world. It helped turn surfing into an international sport and a big business. Today we look at the film and its influence 50 years after its release. Matt Holzman, “Press Play” producer and host of KCRW’s film screening series “First Take,” has the story.

Kobe Bryant Retires 6 MIN, 54 SEC

Kobe Bryant plays his last NBA game tomorrow night. For 20 years he was the center of the L.A. sports universe. Even though the Lakers haven’t been dominating the spotlight lately, all eyes will be on the Staples Center tomorrow night to say goodbye to the one and only “black mamba.” Madeleine speaks to a longtime NBA writer who met Kobe when he was 17, just before he entered the league.

Mark Heisler, Sports Columnist, Los Angeles Times

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