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Presumed Republican presidential candidates were lining up to support the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana and Arkansas. Now the governors of both states are pulling back. Former students at for-profit Corinthian colleges are protesting paying their student debt. The Tiki Bar is a Hollywood creation; is it making a comeback? Most people don’t discover rare 18th century masterpieces rolled up under their sofa, but that’s exactly what happened to Christina Jones Janssen. And iconic LA architect Rudolph Schindler created one church in South LA. Now it’s up for sale.

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The Politics of Religious Freedom 9 MIN, 40 SEC

Asa Hutchinson, the Republican governor of Arkansas, announced today that he won’t sign the state’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” viewed by critics as anti-gay, until it’s changed. And the governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, who has been at the center of the growing backlash against the law also seems to be backtracking from his state’s bill. Meanwhile many of the Republicans expected to run in 2016 have come out in favor of the Indiana law, including Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, and Ted Cruz. What are the political calculations?

John Feehery, Feehery Group (@JohnFeehery)

Rolling Jubilee and Student Debt 9 MIN, 29 SEC

A group of Corinthian College students met with government officials to protest paying their student debt. Corinthian College was forced to sell it’s campuses after an investigation by the feds turned up predatory lending practices. The students say they shouldn’t have to pay for loans they took out because Corinthian didn’t hold up their end of the bargain to, you know, actually educate them. And the student protests have attracted the attention of Washington, mainly the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. We talk to Astra Taylor from Rolling Jubilee, a group that buys and forgives debt. The group has been organizing the Corinthian students.

Astra Taylor, Rolling Jubilee (@astradisastra)

Tiki Bar Comeback? 9 MIN, 6 SEC

The fusion craze in cuisine may have Tiki to thank for its popularity. Tiki bars were some of the first hotspots to serve American spins on Chinese and Hawaiian cuisines in America. And the very first Tiki bar was a Hollywood creation: theatrical service, outsized personalities and sugary sweet cocktail concoctions. Of course Tiki was born in Hollywood. Since its heyday in the 30s and 40s, Tiki bar culture has climbed to the height of kitsch. But Hollywood loves a comeback story.

Katherine Spiers, LA Weekly; Producer of Smarth Mouth (@katherinespiers)

Rare Art Rolled Up Under the Couch 12 MIN, 10 SEC

Most people don’t discover rare 18th century masterpieces rolled up under their sofa, but that’s exactly what happened to Christina Jones Janssen. The masterpiece in question? Miguel Cabrera’s From Spaniard and Morisca, Albino. It shows a Spanish father and a Moorish North African mother, and between them, their albino baby. It’s a casta painting, which is a controversial Mexican genre that shows domestic scenes of interracial marriages. And the artist, Miguel Cabrera, is known as a master in this field. LACMA has acquired the painting and will have it on display later this month.

Ilona Katzew, LACMA
Christopher Knight, Los Angeles Times (@KnightLAT)

LACMA purchases long-lost masterpiece, once kept under a couch

Schindler Church Up for Sale 7 MIN, 8 SEC

Austrian architect Rudolf Schindler is one of a handful of iconic L.A architects. After he moved to LA in 1920, he embraced the indoor-outdoor lifestyle and created buildings to match. He mainly designed private residences. But he did create one church in South LA. It was built in 1944 as the Bethlehem Baptist Church, but it eventually become dilapidated and inaccessible. Conservationists cheered last year when the building was spruced up and reopened as a church. But the celebration may have been premature: now, it’s up for sale and its future is unclear.

Frances Anderton, Host, 'DnA: Design & Architecture' (@FrancesAnderton)

Schindler Church Up For Sale: Can It Be Resurrected, Again?

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