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Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis tells Kim Masters about the challenges of making the globe-trotting drama Third Person on tight budget, and why he was just as surprised as everyone else at the Oscar win for his 2005 movie Crash. Haggis also talks life in Hollywood after leaving and denouncing the Church of Scientology.

Hollywood News Banter 8 MIN, 57 SEC

Kim Masters and Matt Belloni of the Hollywood Reporter discuss top entertainment news stories of the week.

- Netflix has announced a new deal with Chelsea Handler, whose long-running relationship with E! is winding to a close. Details are still forthcoming on her new show, set to premiere in 2016, but it’s clear that Netflix, which counts Orange is the New Black as its most-watched show, is in pursuit of a female audience and Handler stands alone as a woman in the late-night space.
- Another Netflix show House of Cards is proving very popular in China, where earlier this week an article on a website related to the Chinese Communist Party said the show sets a great example...of just how corrupt American politics are.
- The U.S. World Cup win over Ghana wasn't just happy news for American soccer fans. ESPN had over 11 million viewers for the match, making it the most-watched men's soccer game in ESPN history. Spanish-language network Univision drew another almost 5 million viewers. Those numbers are still a far cry from Super Bowl-level ratings, but show a growing American interest in the sport.
- Cable boxes are using a huge amount of energy in homes across the country. Part of the problem is they draw almost as much energy when turned off as when they’re actively recording your favorite shows.

Matthew Belloni, Hollywood Reporter (@THRMattBelloni)

Chelsea Handler Inks Mega-Deal for Netflix Late Night Show
China Uses ‘House of Cards’ as Illustration of West’s Corruption
U.S.-Ghana World Cup soccer match sets records for ESPN, Univision
Cable TV boxes become 2nd biggest energy users in many homes

Paul Haggis 17 MIN, 33 SEC

Filmmaker Paul Haggis’ screenwriting credits include back-to-back Best Picture winners: Million Dollar Baby in 2004 and Crash, which he also directed, in 2005. The Oscar for Crash is perhaps the most controversial best-picture victory in recent history, and Haggis has been through years of litigation over profits from the project. More recently, the filmmaker found himself making news of a different sort. In 2009, Haggis wrote a letter to a spokesperson for the Church of Scientology severing ties with the religion and denouncing many of the church’s practices. That letter of resignation later became public. Now, Haggis has written and directed a new movie, Third Person, his first to write and direct since his split with Scientology.

Paul Haggis, film writer and director

New Yorker profile of Paul Haggis by Lawrence Wright
It Never Happened, but It’s Still True
Paul Haggis’ letter announcing his resignation from the Church of Scientology


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