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Early today, explosions knocked down several miles of fence between Egypt and the Gaza Strip. Palestinians streamed across the border by the tens of thousands. We hear how it happened and what it means for Palestinian factions, Israeli security and Egypt's international obligations. Also, Congress under pressure to move quickly with a stimulus package, and the Obama and Clinton campaigns exchange accusations about each other's positions and past records.

Palestinians cross to the Egyptian side of Rafah after militants set off explosions along the walled-off border of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, witnesses said. The forced entry came as Israel imposes a months-long blockade of the impoverished territory that was tightened last week to a full-scale lockdown. Photo: Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images

Making News Congress under Pressure to Move Quickly on Stimulus Package 6 MIN, 3 SEC

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Condoleezza Rice acknowledged anxiety about the US economy. The Secretary of State told corporate executives and world leaders that the White House and Congress are taking action. On Capitol Hill, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican leader John Boehner met with Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to work out details of a stimulus package. Sudeep Reddy reports on economics for the Wall Street Journal.

Sudeep Reddy, Wall Street Journal (@Reddy)

Main Topic And the Walls Coming Tumbling Down in Gaza 33 MIN, 2 SEC

Early this morning, there were 17 explosions along the nine-mile border fence between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. As large portions of the fence went down, tens of thousands of Palestinians rushed to the Egyptian town of Rafah for food, fuel and other supplies.  People in cars, donkey carts and on foot rushed to buy food, fuel and other supplies denied for weeks by an Israeli blockade designed to stop rocket attacks. We hear how the fence went down and what it's been like at the border. Is it a propaganda coup for Hamas? A defeat for Fatah? What does it reveal about Israeli security and Egypt's obligation to maintain the border?

James Hider, Reporter, Times of London
Mouin Rabbani, Institute for Palestine Studies (@jadaliyya)
Uri Dromi, Miami Herald
Mark Perry, independent foreign policy analyst and author (@markperrydc)
Philip Wilcox, Foundation for Middle East Peace

Reporter's Notebook Obama's Ethical Standards under Attack, but What about Hillary? 6 MIN, 59 SEC

One prominent feature of American political campaigns is what is politely called "opposition research." That means digging up whatever you can about an opponent's record to make him or her look bad, hopefully by finding embarrassing contrasts to the candidate's current positions. Lately, the Obama and Clinton campaigns have been exchanging accusations about each other's positions and past records. Tom Hamburger, who covers money and politics for the Los Angeles Times, has some details.

Tom Hamburger, Washington Post (@thamburger)

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