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Critics say the H-1B Visa program is almost an incentive for American companies to replace their employees with lower-paid foreign workers. We hear how some Americans have been laid off and then required to train their own replacements from other countries.

Also, President Obama to ramp up troops in the fight against ISIS in Iraq. On today's Talking Point, it's already hard to get an abortion in Texas. Now a federal appeals court has upheld restrictions that will make it even harder.

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Are H-1B Visas Costing American Jobs? 38 MIN, 37 SEC

The H-1B Visa program, begun in 1990, is designed to fill jobs requiring advanced science or computer skills — but only when American workers can't be found. Immigrants who are qualified receive temporary work permits, and federal guidelines say the practice should not "adversely affect the wages or working conditions" of American employees. Now they're a nightmare made real. Veteran employees are not only laid off, but required to train younger, cheaper replacements from other countries. It's happened at an iconic American company: Disney. Now tech giants Google, Microsoft and Facebook want more foreign workers. We hear how the H-1B program is dividing both parties in Congress and candidates on the trail to the White House.

"John", Southern California Edison (formerly)
Julia Preston, The Marshall Project (@JuliaPrestonNow)
Ron Hira, Economic Policy Institute (@EconomicPolicy )
Gary Beach, Wall Street Journal (@GBeachCIO)

Readers' response to Preston's Disney story
Preston on Senator Bill Nelson seeking inquiry into visa program used at Disney
Hira's testimony to Congress on need for immigration reform to protect skilled American workers
Hira on new data on how firms abuse H-1B program
Beach's 'The US Technology Skills Gap , + Website: What Every Technology Executive Must Know to Save America's Future'
Beach on US education needing recalibrating

Outsourcing America

Ron Hira Ph.D. P.E. Assistant Professor of Public Policy

Could Texas Become Nearly Abortion-Free? 11 MIN, 46 SEC

Access to abortion is already limited to 20 or so clinics in Texas. Now a federal court ruling could close down even more. Yesterday, in Whole Woman’s Health v. Lakey, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of abortion limits in the Lone Star State — partly on the ground that women in Texas can drive to another state. We hear more from Mark Jospeh Stern, who covers legal affairs and LGBT issues for Slate.com, and investigative reporter Erica Hellerstein of Think Progress, who covered abortion access at the US-Mexico border.

Mark Joseph Stern, Slate (@mjs_DC)
Erica Hellerstein, Think Progress (@E_Hellerstein)

Hellerstein on the rise of the DIY abortion in Texas
Hellersteinon the anti-abortion group Americans United for Life

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