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When it comes to the Iraq war, President Bush says he is the only "decider." But even Republicans disagree.  Can the Congress tell the President what to do?  Can either party agree on what that should be?  Plus, a recent audit shows there's little to show for the billions spent on Iraq reconstruction.  On Reporter's Notebook, arrest warrants have been issued for US agents accused by Germany of "extraordinary rendition." 

Making News Little to Show for Billions Spent on Iraq Reconstruction 6 MIN, 8 SEC

President Bush is pressing Congress for $1.2 billion more for Iraq reconstruction. At the same time, the latest audit of money already spent reveals an Olympic-sized swimming pool for a police academy that's never been used.  David Wood is National Security Correspondent for the Baltimore Sun.

David Wood, National Security Correspondent, PoliticsDaily.com

Main Topic Who Really Is "The Decider?" 33 MIN, 38 SEC

The dispute over sending more troops to Iraq is becoming, in part, an argument over the Constitutional separation of powers during wartime. Even Republicans dispute the President's claim that he is the sole "decider," insisting that Congress has power over more than just money. Can the Congress tell the President what to do in Iraq, presuming it wants to? Members of both parties are threading their way between opposition to an unpopular war and support for American troops in the field. We speak with political strategists, pollsters, and legal experts about the Constitutional issues and a political battle that’s setting the stage for the 2008 elections.  

Jonathan Weisman, New York Times (@jonathanweisman)
John McLaughlin, Republican strategist, John McLaughlin and Associates
Doug Schoen, Democratic strategist Fox News contributor
Robert Turner, University of Virginia Law School (@UVALaw)
Louis Fisher, specialist in constitutional law, Law Library of Congress

Reporter's Notebook Germany Seeks Arrest of 13 CIA Agents in Kidnapping Case 9 MIN, 25 SEC

The US practice of "extraordinary rendition" has created outrage in Europe.  US agents seize terror suspects in a foreign country, then transport them to a third country for interrogation. Arrest warrants have been issued in Germany for 13 US intelligence agents accused of kidnapping a German citizen who says he was tortured. Italy may put 26 Americans on trial for snatching an Egyptian citizen off the streets of Milan. We get an update from Jane Mayer of the New Yorker and Jumana Musa of the ACLU.

Jane Mayer, New Yorker (@JaneMayerNYer)
Jumana Musa, ACLU Advocacy Director for Domestic Human Rights, International Justice

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