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Before he goes to the White House this week, the President of China will meet with the leaders of US tech firms that are the victims of Chinese cyber attacks. He reportedly wants an unlikely alliance against the Obama administration, which has threatened sanctions against China for cyber attacks and theft of intellectual property.

Also, Senate Democrats block abortion legislation. On today's Talking Point,there's good news for oil and gas drilling and agriculture in 11 Western states. The Greater Sage Grouse is not an endangered species.

Photo: Chinese President Xi Jinping and First Lady Peng Liyuan (APEC2013)

Senate Dems Block Abortion Legislation 6 MIN, 16 SEC

With Pope Francis scheduled to address a meeting of Congress on Thursday, Senate Republicans seized the moment today for a long-delayed vote on a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.  Senator John Cornyn of Texas called the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act "a moral imperative for our nation" that "says a great deal about who we are as a country." Jennifer Haberkorn reports on healthcare for Politico.

Jennifer Haberkorn, Politico (@jenhab)

Diplomacy and Big Business from Washington State to Washington, DC 32 MIN, 38 SEC

Seattle is under tight security for the first official visit to the United States by China's President Xi Jinping. Xi arrived today, but he won't get his 21-gun salute at the White House until Friday. His meeting tomorrow with the elite leaders of America's tech industry may be just as important. With the world's biggest Internet market at stake, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and others may need China more than China needs them. Can they demand that China protect their intellectual property rights, or can China make censorship and Cyber-attacks the cost of doing business? And, what's the role of the Obama Administration, which has warned of possible sanctions over theft of trade secrets?

Peter Robison, Bloomberg News / Businessweek (@therealrobison)
Rich Ellings, National Bureau of Asian Research (@NBRnews)
Sophie Richardson, Human Rights Watch (@SophieHRW)
Clayton Dube, University of Southern California (@claydube)

Robison on President Xi's goals for his furst state visit to the US
National Bureau of Asian Research on Xi's visit
Richardson on China bringing sophisticated censorship to the US for Xi's visit
Human Rights Watch on the US-China Internet Industry Forum
'Mr. Deng Goes to Washington' (documentary)
Los Angeles Times on strong trade ties ensuring Xi's warm welcome in Seattle
The Diplomat on how both China, US could gain from a balanced investment treaty
Paulson Institute on CEOs' call for Obama, Xi to prioritze bilateral investment treaty discussions

Sage Grouse Won't Get Endangered Species Act Protection 10 MIN, 38 SEC

Photo by Jeannie Stafford/US Fish & Wildlife Service

The oil and gas industry, cattle grazing and farming are now safe from new restrictions that could have been problematic for Democrats in next year's elections.  The Greater Sage Grouse is officially not an endangered species after all.  Once numbering in the millions from California to North and South Dakota, now there are only a few hundred thousand Greater Sage Grouse left, but the Interior Department said today they're not part of an endangered species.  

Rocky Barker is environment and energy reporter for the Idaho Statesman.

Rocky Barker, Idaho Statesman (@rockybarker)

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Rocky Barker

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