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The President and the Congress envision tens of thousands of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles — drones — populating American airspace. What are the possible consequences for the "friendly skies?" We hear about unlimited usefulness, as well as safety and privacy. Also, the world watches as North Korea prepares to launch a rocket, and the race for President — after Santorum.

Banner image:  A view of the pilot's seating area in the flight operations room for the Global Hawk weather reconnaissance drone, at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center on Edwards Air Force Base in California, August 31, 2010. Photo by Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

Making News World Watches as North Korea Prepares to Launch Rocket 7 MIN, 1 SEC

North Korea is reportedly injecting liquid fuel into that rocket it plans on sending into space. The US has joined leaders worldwide who see the move as a provocation and have called for the country to back down. Pyongyang says the launch is part of festivities marking the 100th anniversary of that nation's founder, Kim Il-sung. P.J. Crowley, a former spokesman for the US State Department, is a research professor at George Washington University.

P.J. Crowley, George Washington University (@PJCrowley)

Main Topic There May Be Drones in Your Future — Like It or Not 36 MIN, 57 SEC

The uses of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, also called drones, are limited only by the imagination. Think of hovering cameras the size of hummingbirds or flies. Already being used by the military against hostile forces, by law enforcement and to patrol America's borders, by an act of Congress, signed by the President, drones will be a ubiquitous part of civilian life in America in a very short time. Drones are so cheap and so easy to make and operate that a booming new industry is already creating concerns about safety and privacy. We hear about what drones can do and ask if it's too late for the law to catch up with the technology?

John Villasenor, Brookings Institution (@johndvillasenor)
Chris Anderson, Wired magazine / DIY Drones (@chr1sa)
Ryan Calo, Stanford Law School (@rcalo)
Benjamin Miller, Mesa County Sheriff

Reporter's Notebook With Santorum Out, How about Romney vs. Obama? 6 MIN, 26 SEC

Rick Santorum is out of the race, and Mitt Romney is already re-shaping his campaign to focus exclusively on Barack Obama. We look at the issues, the battleground states and the voting blocs with one of our favorite political analysts. Ron Brownstein is Political Director at the National Journal Group, which includes the Hotline and the Atlantic magazine.

Ron Brownstein, Atlantic / CNN (@RonBrownstein)

The Second Civil War

Ronald Brownstein

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