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Congress says the inmates left at Guantánamo Bay are too dangerous to allow on American soil—even in prisons as secure as the Gulag. But President Obama made a campaign promise to shut Guantánamo down. Will that lead to a constitutional battle with political implications for next year's presidential campaign?

Later in the program, Donald Trump goes on a tirade, attacking Dr. Ben Carson and calling the people of Iowa "stupid" if they believe what he says. 

Photo: A protester holds vigil inside a cage outside the White House to symbolize the captivity of Guantanamo prisoners outside the White House, January 10, 2012. (Rebecca Nelson/Medill News Service)

Kurds Re-Take Iraqi City from ISIS 6 MIN, 30 SEC

US airstrikes helped Kurdish and Yazidi fighters retake the northern Iraqi city of Sinjar from ISIS today.  And, the US is intensifying the bombing of Syrian oil fields — often called an ATM for the Islamic State.  Ben Van Huevelen is managing editor of the Iraq Oil Report.

Ben Van Heuvelen, Iraq Oil Report (@berendvh)

Guantánamo, the Constitution and Presidential Politics 33 MIN, 58 SEC

In 2008, candidate Barack Obama accused George W. Bush of abusing the power of the presidency to establish the prison at Guantánamo Bay. Now President Obama's accused of doing the same thing -- to close Guantánamo down. It's all about the authority of the Commander in Chief. But, Congress says the remaining inmates are too dangerous to be held in American prisons and has made the transfer illegal. The White House says executive action is "not off the table," which could light a political firestorm in time for next year's presidential campaign. 

Molly O'Toole, freelance journalist covering global migration, refugees, and national security (@mollymotoole)
Morris Davis, US Air Force (retired) (@ColMorrisDavis)
David D. Cole, American Civil Liberties Union / Georgetown University (@DavidColeACLU)
Jean Casella, Solitary Watch (@solitarywatch)
Charles 'Cully' Stimson, Heritage Foundation (@cullystimson)

O'Toole on Obama being expected to sign defense authorization bill despite earlier veto threats over Guantánamo
Craig-Sloan Washington Post op-ed on Obama not needing permission to close Guantánamo

Torture Memos

David Cole

Trump goes "Full Trump" in Iowa, GOP Candidates React 9 MIN, 43 SEC

Donald Trump's often outlandish behavior has led to jokes about what it would mean if he went “Full Trump.” Last night in Iowa, he may have established a new standard. He ridiculed the so-called “redemption” story of Dr. Ben Carson, who says he found God after his attempt to stab another young man went wrong.

He then acted out the alleged stabbing scene, stepping to the side of the podium so the crowd could see his belt, which he juggled up and down to suggest that Carson's story is unbelievable. "How stupid are the people of Iowa? How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?" Dana Milbank, who writes on politics for the Washington Post, says other Republican candidates were quick to respond.

Dana Milbank, Washington Post (@Milbank)

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