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As President Bush sends more troops to Iraq, he's also doubling America's air and sea power in the Persian Gulf. Is it "gunboat diplomacy" against Iran?  What are the chances of a wider war in the Middle East? Plus, there's pressure on President Bush to take action on global warming, and Cuba's healthcare system has been called the envy of the world, but it's reported that a doctor from Spain has been called to treat Fidel Castro.

Making News Pressure on Bush to Address Global Warming in State of the Union 6 MIN, 4 SEC

There's national and international pressure on the Bush Administration to take action on global warming. The White House says the President will address the issue in next week's State of the Union message, but he won't advocate limits on greenhouse-gas emissions. Andrew Revkin reports on the environment for the New York Times.

Andrew Revkin, ProPublica (@Revkin)

Main Topic Will America's Next War Be with Iran? 34 MIN, 26 SEC

Iran is expanding its influence in Iraq, supporting Hamas and Hezbollah and threatening Israel's right to exist. This week, the President, Vice President and Secretaries of State and Defense have warned Iran to back off. At the same time the US is doubling its air and sea power in the Persian Gulf, a move one calls "gunboat diplomacy" aimed at Iran.  What is the likelihood of a wider war in the Middle East? Would the President need the approval of Congress for strikes against Iran?  If the US fails to attack Iran's nuclear installations, will Israel do the job? We hear from journalists, economists, political scientists and Middle East experts.

John Kifner, reporter for the New York Times
Ray Takeyh, Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations
Efraim Inbar, Director, Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies
Angus McDowall, Tehran Correspondent for the Independent

Reporter's Notebook Castro's Health and Cuba's Medical System 8 MIN, 39 SEC

Despite Cuba's economic troubles, its health system has been called "one of world's best public services" by the BBC, "a shining example" by the Kaiser Family Foundation, and "the envy of other nations" by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. So what's the significance that 80 year-old Fidel Castro, who's believed to be on the brink of death, is reportedly being diagnosed and treated by a Spanish doctor? UC Berkeley reserach economist Kamran Nayeri has studied Cuba's healthcare system.  Journalist Ann Louise Bardach has covered Cuba for many years.

Kamran Nayeri, research economist at UC Berkeley
Ann Louise Bardach, journalist and author (@albardach)

Without Fidel

Ann Louise Bardach

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