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25% of the world now bans plastic bags, and Los Angeles County is one of a growing number of US communities getting on board. Will the limits of cloth bags like Grandma used to carry require thinking about what goes in them? What are the consequences for the economy? President Obama has arrived in Lisbon for a NATO summit on the alliance’s global mission and on strategy for Afghanistan in the next four years. Also, the big news at the LA Auto Show so far is the Chevy Volt winning Green Car of the Year--three times.

IMAGE: LA CRESCENTA, CA - NOVEMBER 17: Coasters Perez holds a plastic grocery bag as she puts the groceries in her car on November 17, 2010 in La Crescenta, California. Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors passed Prop 26, a ban on plastic grocery bags, in unincorporated areas of the county on Tuesday November 16. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Reporter's Notebook Tanks Roll Into Afghanistan as NATO Meets 7 MIN, 47 SEC

President Obama has arrived in Lisbon for a NATO summit on the alliance’s global mission and on strategy for Afghanistan in the next four years. Obama will meet one-on-one with President Hamid Karzai. In the meantime, the US military has escalated the conflict—for the first time introducing heavily armored battle tanks.

Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Starbucks (@rajivscribe)

Main Topic LA County Bans Plastic Bags 30 MIN, 54 SEC

California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger supported a statewide ban on plastic bags, but it was killed in the state legislature. This week Los Angeles County enacted a ban of its own. It applies to about one million people that don’t live in incorporated cities—and it will cover about 1000 stores and pharmacies. The vote on the Board of Supervisors was three to one, and Zev Yaroslavsky was in the majority.

Zev Yaroslavsky, veteran politician (@ZevYaroslavsky)
Tim Shestek, Senior Director of State Affairs for the American Chemistry Council
Matthew Dodson, Director, Local Government Relations for the California Grocers Association
Giles Slade, Freelance historian of culture and technology, based in Vancouver. Author of the book, Made to Break: Technology and Obsolescence in America

Reporter's Notebook GMs Chevy Volt Drives Off with Green Car of the Year Award at the LA Auto Show 12 MIN, 19 SEC

This year’s LA Auto Show has been moved up on the calendar, and that seems to have given it a boost that’s appropriate to America’s biggest market for cars. And it comes at the right time for a new generation of automobiles—with the accent on Green. Motor Trend magazine has made the Chevy Volt its car of the year, but Motor Trend isn’t the only one.

Angus MacKenzie, Motor Trend magazine (@Angus_MacK)

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