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Obama and Clinton face off tomorrow in Hawaii and Wisconsin. Will Obama really be able to make it ten in a row? On March 4 in Texas, will Clinton be able to post the big win she needs? We update the Democrats and the Republicans, where the Bush family means both good and bad news for John McCain. Also, Kosovo declares it independence, and beef from sick cattle has entered the food supply, and most of it's already eaten.

Making News Kosovo Declares Its Independence 5 MIN, 56 SEC

When Yugoslavia was divided a few years ago, Kosovo because a province of Serbia, which regards Kosovo as part of its cultural history. But Kosovo's population is now 90% Albanian, and yesterday it declared itself an independent nation. The United States has recognized it, Russia is adamantly opposed and the European Union is divided. Tracy Wilkinson is in Kosovo's capital city, Pristina, for the Los Angeles Times.

Tracy Wilkinson, Los Angeles Times (@TracyKWilkinson)

Main Topic Last–Minute Dueling in Wisconsin, Ohio and Texas Wait in the Wings 36 MIN, 49 SEC

Nobody doubts that Barack Obama will win his home state of Hawaii, but Hillary Clinton's coming on strong in Wisconsin. Maybe Obama won't win ten in a row. Whatever happens in those states tomorrow, Clinton needs to win big in Ohio and Texas on March 4. But party rules could give her trouble in Texas. Meantime, in Houston, Texas today, John McCain's got the endorsement of George H. W. Bush, although not without a nod toward Mike Hucakbee's continuing candidacy. The real problem for McCain's campaign is how much to associate himself with the current President, George W. Bush. What's the best role for the current president in this year's campaign? We hear about growing uncertainties as time grows short in both parties.

Bruce Buchanan, Professor of Government, University of Texas at Austin
John Nichols, The Nation (@NicholsUprising)
Scott Rasmussen, President, Rasmussen Reports
Jonathan Riskind, Washington Bureau Chief, Columbus Dispatch

Reporter's Notebook 143 Million Pounds of Beef Recalled 6 MIN, 20 SEC

In the past two years, the Hallmark Meat packing plant in Chino, California produced 143 million pounds of beef. Thirty-seven million pounds went to school lunch and other public nutrition programs. Now, most of it has already been eaten, but Hallmark has recalled it anyway. Andrew Martin is business reporter for the New York Times.

Andrew Martin, Business Reporter, New York Times

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