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Tomorrow's Republican takeover of Congress will be heavy with symbols appealing to Tea Party stalwarts and other enemies of "Big Government." We hear about the strategy, the agenda and the prospects for Democrats to fight back. Also, the Governor of Pakistan's Punjab Province is assassinated, and evidence held since 1979 has helped clear a Texas man who spent 30 years for rape, robber and abduction — crimes DNA analysis shows he didn't commit.

Banner image: The US Capitol building is seen on the morning of January 4, 2011 in Washington, DC. The new 112th Congress is due to be sworn in on Wednesday January 5, with the House being lead by House Speaker elect John Boehner (R-OH). Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Stand Up, Fight Back

E.J. Dionne

Making News Governor of Pakistan’s Punjab Province Is Assassinated 7 MIN, 37 SEC

Pakistan is officially mourning the death of Salman Taseer, the Governor of the Punjab province, assassinated today by one of his own guards. The killing could affect efforts to keep Pakistan's coalition government from collapsing. Rasheed Rahman edits the Daily Times in Lahore, the capital of the Punjab.

Rashed Rahman, Daily Times

Main Topic Republicans in the House: A New Era on Capitol Hill 36 MIN, 33 SEC

House Republicans are snorting political fire, on a mission to dismantle the Obama agenda. Their goals include dismantling healthcare and finance reform and cutting $100 billion in federal spending. Their symbols include a reading of the Constitution on the House floor, an action that's never been taken before. With the biggest GOP majority since the era of Harry Truman, they plan to change the rules in hopes of changing the way Congress does business. If the Senate Democrats stymie their efforts, will they be blamed for gridlock in 2012, or will the new Congress, inspired by the Tea Party, over-reach? Will they meet the fate of previous reformers and be absorbed by an institution devoted to business as usual?

Philip Rucker, Washington Post (@PhilipRucker)
David Weigel, Washington Post (@daveweigel)
James Antle, Washington Examiner (@jimantle)
E.J. Dionne, Brookings Institution / Washington Post (@EJDionne)

Reporter's Notebook Dallas Man Cleared after 30 Years in Prison 6 MIN, 30 SEC

In Dallas County, Texas, 51-year-old Cornelius Dupree today was exonerated after 30 years in prison for a rape, robbery and abduction he did not commit. He's been cleared by DNA analysis of evidence preserved by the county crime lab since 1979. Nina Morrison works with the Innocence Project, which helped Dupree gain his freedom.

Nina Morrison, Staff Attorney, Innocence Project

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