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Tech entrepreneurs are inventing and re-inventing the digital world. At the same time, their real-world lifestyles are transforming the City of San Francisco. Is there a broader trend of rich techies changing traditional living and culture? Also, ethnic cleansing in the Central African Republic, and Barbie on the newsstands and business women in stock photos.

Banner image: San Francisco protest against 'Google bus,' December 9, 2013. Photo: cjmartin

Ethnic Cleansing in the Central African Republic 7 MIN, 48 SEC

Violence in the Central African Republican has displaced almost a million residents since early December. In January, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon warned that the conflict was becoming more sectarian. Today, Amnesty International labeled it "ethnic cleansing" of Muslims by Christian militias called "Anti-balaka." AI's senior crisis response advisor Joanne Mariner joins us from the capital city, Bangui.

Joanne Mariner, Amnesty International (@jgmariner)

Do Techies Live in a Bubble? 36 MIN, 28 SEC

Silicon Valley is the epicenter of tech innovation, creating the infrastructure for the virtual universe so much of the real world now lives in. It's also creating a real-world elite of millionaires and billionaires who can be hard to live with. Consider the transformation of San Francisco. High rents, private bus systems and exclusive clubs are crowding out artists, families and middle-class workers. Long-time residents say a place famous for tolerance and diversity is losing itself to self-centered nerds with too much money and not enough social conscience. When Twitter made its public offering last November, 150 demonstrators protested outside its office. Their signs had phrases including, "People Not Profit" and, "We're the Public, What Are You Offering?" Are other cities prepared for an influx of wealthy, young technocrats looking for action they can't find in the suburbs? 

Claire Cain Miller, New York Times (@clairecm)
Vivek Wadhwa, Carnegie Mellon University Engineering at Silicon Valley (@wadhwa)
Mark Crosley, Rewired Health (@MarkLC)
Scott Wiener, San Francisco Board of Supervisors (@Scott_Wiener)
Steven Pedigo, New York Universitiy (@iamstevenpedigo)

Who's Your City?

Richard Florida

Barbie on Newsstands, Business Women in Stock Photos 6 MIN, 44 SEC

The dreams of marketers for Mattel and Time-Warner are being realized. Controversy has already begun over next week's combination of two iconic images of the American woman. Barbie, who's had many professions over the years, is back to being a swimsuit model. The 55-year-old doll will appear in the 50th anniversary edition of Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue. The theme is "She's Unapologetic." Eve Vawter is editor in chief of MommyIsh.com, a website about parenting.


Eve Vawter, MommyIsh.com (@EveVawter)

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