The Voting is Over, but the Campaign Continues

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The day after the midterm elections, President Trump and Nancy Pelosi talked ‘bipartisanship.” But that won’t be reality on Capitol Hill at least until the next presidential election--partly because of Newt Gingrich. That doesn’t mean that nothing has changed. More women voted than men, and more women are now holding elected office. And, with a cell phone, anybody can now contribute to any campaign in the country. Republicans are trying to learn from Democrats how to exploit that technology.  

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Evan Halper - Los Angeles Times - @evanhalper, Debbie Walsh - Director of the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University - @DebbieWalsh58, Dave Levinthal - Center for Public Integrity - @davelevinthal, Amy Gardner - National political reporter at the Washington Post - @AmyEGardner, McKay Coppins - The Atlantic - @mckaycoppins

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