Comedians laugh, cry and drink on Election Day

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By seeingimonkey via Flickr

To many of us, this election feels it’s gone on forever. Voters (and their children) can’t wait for the attack ads and campaign rhetoric to be over. But there were some moments of levity these past few weeks (remember Big Bird, binders full of women, and horses and bayonets). And comedy always helps us weather the relentless politicking. So we asked some of our favorite comedians how they’re spending election night – and what they’re looking forward to on November 7, when it’s all possibly over.

“I’m going to be sitting around feeling good about being Canadian,” says Will Weldon. “It’s nice to know I have one giant panic room I can return to, if I have to.”

Above, Jonah Ray, Cameron Esposito, Paul F. Tompkins, Jackie Kashian, Moshe Kasher, Kristina Wong, Tom Sibley, Will Weldon, Dana Gould, and Kurt Braunohler weigh in.