Electric cars are here. Now where do they all plug-in?

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Remember when we used to ask “Who killed the electric car?”

An EV plug-in station

Well, unless you’ve been under a Hummer the last few years, you probably know the world’s car companies are pumping out electric vehicles like never before. This week, the center of the green car universe is Los Angles as the city hosts the International Electric Vehicle Symposium. It the big annual meeting where all the movers and shakers in the plug-in car industry gather to show off their products and talk business.

This "green" garage uses solar panels to power your EV

As the number of electric vehicles on the market grows, much of this year’s EVS focuses on creating the infrastructure for battery-powered cars. Essentially, talking about how and where are all of these EV cars are going to plug-in and which companies are going to make a killing building charging stations to refuel these cars.

Below is an extended conversation with Ted Craver, the president and CEO of Edison International, the parent company of Southern California Edison. As the region’s largest utility, Edison wants to make sure that as more Southern Californians drive electric cars it’s ready to provide the juice to fill their batteries.

Check out some EV eye candy, below.

Charger plug-in
Public charger with cost shown
The new Tesla sedan
An electric bike