Mapping the 2020 presidential candidates in LA

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The 2020 presidential race has a crowded field of competitors, and many are making their way to Los Angeles for fundraisers, rallies, and other events. KCRW is tracking each candidate's visit to LA -- the dates, locations, and significance of what happens. As candidates come through, we're getting brief commentary from Jack Pitney, a professor of American Politics at Claremont McKenna College; plus Paul Mitchell, Vice President of Political Data Inc, a bipartisan voter data firm.

This Wednesday evening, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren will hold a free public town hall at the Shrine Auditorium near USC. "Wednesday is move-in day at USC. She may be hoping to attract students who have arrived on campus but have free time because they have not yet started classes," says Pitney. "She can resonate with students and young voters. She comes across as what she really is: a demanding but memorable professor. The question is whether she can overcome Kamala Harris's home-court advantages."

The same evening, U.S. Senator Cory Booker will host a happy hour at ScaleLA, a business incubator that helps healthcare and life sciences startups. Pitney says, "It's a natural setting for Booker, who has long had ties to technology industries. He is looking to raise a modest amount of money and generate buzz in California business circles. More broadly, he is trying to identify himself with the new economy of innovative startups. With his affection for pop culture, he has an affinity for this community. But will it be enough for him to break into the top tier of candidates?"

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Updated: Aug. 19, 2019