Sheriff’s Department scrutiny. Is density destiny? And DWP gets a contract

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On this week’s Mixer, we covered several stories included on our newsroom’s whiteboard.

There’s an ongoing FBI investigation into the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that’s already led to the indictment of 18 former and current deputies for misconduct in county jails.

We learned today that the feds are seeking to expand their investigation by convincing deputies to provide evidence against colleagues and the department brass.

Also, this week an LA Superior Court Judge released a tentative ruling calling the zoning blueprint for Hollywood development “fundamentally flawed, and fatally so”. And that could even further delay or extinguish plans for the Hollywood Millennium proposal that’s already been approved by the city council.

The trial of two former Fullerton officers in the beating death of Kelly Thomas continues. We got an update.

There’s also the matter of the Los Angeles City Council giving its final approval this week to a new labor contract with some 8,200 Department of Water and Power workers that delays pay raises and revamps their pension plans.

KCRW’s Warren Olney joined us, as did David Zahniser from the LA Times and Gillian Flaccus from the Associated Press.