Unhoused people may keep RVs parked on Fullerton streets, says judge

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“The city of Fullerton does not want anyone sleeping in their cars, in their vehicles, in their RVs, Jeeps … at night. And they will do everything possible to make sure that their ordinance is held up in court. So for the city, they see this obviously as a setback. But in their mind, they're like, ‘No, it's a temporary setback,” says Gustavo Arellano. Photo by Shutterstock.

A judge recently blocked the city of Fullerton from enforcing a ban on people parking their recreational vehicles (RVs) on the streets without a permit. It’s a victory for advocacy groups such as Housing is a Human Right Orange County, but will it last?

“We know what happens with these injunctions. The city's now going to appeal it to the court of appeals,” says Gustavo Arellano, LA Times columnist. 

He adds, “Sadly, housing is not improving in Orange County. Housing is not improving in Fullerton. And more and more people are becoming unhoused because of the economy, so this is just going to be an issue that's going to continue.”